Bpd women dating married man

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Some theorists understand this aspect of personality disorders as a problem of emotional regulation; some disorders are characterized by a tendency to under-regulate emotions, whereas others tend to over-regulate emotions.This differs from a healthy personality where we expect a full range of emotional intensity from controlled to fully expressive.This inflexible pattern of emotional response often creates difficulty.Some personality disorders are characterized by emotional sensitivity and a tendency to experience feelings with great intensity.

At other times it is best to regulate or restrict its expression, or to dampen down its intensity.

If you tell her that her behavior toward you is abusive, she’ll most likely turn it around on you (DARVO—Deny, attack and reverse victim order) and accuse you of being the abuser. Imagine if you and your wife or girlfriend could switch genders. DV shelters don’t tell an abused woman to have empathy for her male abuser and to try to understand his feelings and point of view. If your wife or girlfriend engages in physical violence toward you, it’s abuse, it’s domestic violence and it’s a crime. Violence is not different when a woman perpetrates it; it’s still violence.

It’s what the stereotypical alcoholic wife beater does and it’s what abusive high-conflict and/or abusive personality-disordered women do. DV shelters don’t tell an abused woman to stay with her male abuser for the sake of the children and to honor her commitments. If you would be arrested for throwing keys at your female partner, kicking her, throwing a glass of milk at her head, scratching her, slapping her, stabbing her with a knife, biting her, trying to run her down with a car, threatening to kill yourself and the children, threatening to kill her and the children, threatening to kill her pet, threatening to kill her new boyfriend, going after her with a hammer, punching her in the groin, etc., etc., she should also go to jail for these behaviors when she perpetrates them upon you.

It takes an incredible amount of strength and courage to admit to this problem and seek help.

If you can endure the behavior of an abusive woman, you have more strength than you know.

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