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I care what you think and would love to get some feedback from you." Then make changing the situation seem like a team effort you are both in on by adding, "Let's try to have more of a back-and-forth between us when we talk." Another option is to take your relationship down a notch.

If a close friend has a big mouth but is a ton of fun to be around, consider making your connection with her more casual — a B-level friend instead of A-level.

No, seriously — they're more than just fun to hang out with; they're also crucial to your well-being.

A host of recent studies found that people who have good friends are healthier and happier, live longer, and feel like the challenges they face are more manageable.

If an acquaintance acts like a bitch occasionally, Nichols says, it's relatively easy to write it off because you're not very invested in the relationship.

A close friend's downsides and occasional flip-outs, on the other hand, have a greater effect on your life.

Start by assessing whether there's anything you should do differently.

Friend Offenses You Shouldn't Put Up With • When you and your boyfriend broke up, she stopped by his apartment with fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies and a shoulder to cry on.

• She loves your taste in fashion so much that she's constantly borrowing your clothes.."forgetting" to give them back.

Ask yourself if the positive parts of your relationship outweigh the negative.

She may be moody, but are you willing to live with that in return for her other great qualities, like her generosity and trustworthiness?

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