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Her first major appearance occurred during the episode titled "Mother Simpson", the 8th episode from season 7. If you're not familiar with this story, be prepared to have your mind blown. Which is a shame, because I could sure be up for some Angry Burns right about now. The Simpsons - Homer's Mom She doesn't show up often, but if you've watched the show long enough, you've likely seen episodes featuring Homer's Mom, a woman named Mona Simpson.They were both gracious and kind enough to answer many-a-question and provide me (and you) with some behind-the-scenes information about the "how and why" behind some of the Apple references you'll find sprinkled throughout this post. Final notes: As I was researching this post, I came across a myriad of episodes in both shows featuring computers running older versions of Mac OS.

A fishing trip over the ocean takes a turn for the worse when a colossal mouth bass pulls the Planet Express ship to the bottom of the sea.

The Planet Express crew take a space cruise vacation.

Leela tells Captain Zapp Brannigan that Fry is his boyfriend and Amy tells the same thing to her parents. Problems start when the spaceship approaches a black hole.

Der Pizzabote Fry wird im Jahr 1999 versehentlich für 1000 Jahre in einer Zeitmaschine eingefroren.

Er wacht in Neu-New-York wieder auf und freundet sich mit dem alkoholabhängigen Roboter Bender und der einäugigen ehemaligen Regierungsangestellten Leela an...

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