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'It's awful what's happened and that's the second crash at that junction in two years.Blake Lane's effectively a country lane so people come tearing down and then (the A4) is 50mph in places but people don't stick to the limit.'At the end of the day it won't be the last accident to happen on this road. 'Everything that happened, the situation - I don't think it could be any worse, with the time of year.'Our thoughts remain with PC Dixon's family and friends, as well as those of the 91-year-old woman, at this very difficult time.'He added that all the force flags would be flying at half-mast for the next week as a mark of respect.

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She was later seen getting into the police car along with a woman who was believed to be her daughter Bethany, before the pair were driven away.

They arrived back later and Mrs Blunden drove away in her dark grey car which had a personalised numberplate spelling out her son's name, 'Tom'.

A patrol car was parked in front of Mrs Blunden's semi-detached home in the quiet Berkshire village, the day after her mother was killed just a few yards away.

They need to make the A4 a 40mph road all the way from Maidenhead to Reading. It's just terrible what happened.'Meanwhile bouquets of flowers were piling up at the scene of the crash, many with messages for the fallen constable James 'Dixie' Dixon. It's a tragedy, it's just awful.'He'll always be respected because he was very good at his job.

A 52-year-old retired police officer, who asked to remain anonymous but claimed to be one of PC Dixon's former sergeants, sobbed as he came pay his respects.'He was a really good bloke. 'He was really good at his job, a real team player.'He was great with everyone. Never forgotten.'Nuts and bolts along with smashed glass and broke plastic could still be seen in the road today with tyre tracks showing the car turning into the junction.

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