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Also up for discussion: sex stains, masturbation messes, sexual etiquette for houseguests, and a theory about why Oscar the Grouch woul ...…Yes, it's a thing. Moylan reports from the wild world of cosmetic procedures for male sex organs, starting with the time he cryonically froze his penis.(The shrinkage was intense.) He also introduces us to the growing field of "anal rejuvenation," which includes laser therapy, plastic surgery, Botox, bleaching, tightening, and looseni ...…E. Dickson, who last visited Sex Lives while pregnant, returns with her two-month-old baby in tow.What parts of wedding culture are worth keeping, anyway?Sex Lives assembles a panel of gay writers to discuss their personal experiences navigating the sexual politics and social minefields of getting hitched.She recounts taking an Uber to the hospital while her water was breaking, and feeling her uterus lifted out of her body during the C-section.Demanding a shot of whiskey after returning from the hospital, and giving up on breastfeeding.Myisha explains her job, fields calls from Sex Lives listeners, and explains the ...…In the horny imaginations of Harry Potter super-fans, Professor Snape is a BDSM sex god and Hermione Granger is a squirter.So say Potterotica hosts Allie Le Fevere, Lyndsay Rush, and Danny Chapman, who explore the mind-bending universe of Harry Potter erotica every week— complete with dramatic readings.

Vocativ ...…Cindy Gallop dates younger men— which is how she discovered that younger men seem to have received their sexual educations from porn.Davis back into the studio to discuss breakup etiquette and stories from favorite Sex Lives guests and listeners.Dan Savage talks about the time he dumped a guy on T ...…Linda Rosenkrantz was an art-world 'it' girl when, in the summer of 1965, she started carrying a reel-to-reel tape recorder everywhere she went, recording conversations at the beach, during parties, and after S&M hookups with New York City's wildest men.Her new we ...…L is the first letter of LGBTQ, but often remains misrepresented and on the fringe.This week, two generations of queer women discuss the state of the modern lesbian.

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