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is a global China wholesale / retail online shop which offer high quality products like android smartphone phones, tablet pcs, car accessories, Apple & Samsung accessories, fashion clothing and more.Tiny Deal help customers to shop cheap electronic gadgets with confidence.Even when the clip-on is positioned correctly, users can experience time delays between the sound being transmitted and them hearing it.

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And, people have to remember to carry the clips around with them He says he can now enjoy walks with his cocker spaniel Ozzy while listening to music.‘Music is big part of my life,’ says Dave who lives with wife Sarah, 65, in Monmouthshire.

‘I pick a track on my phone and the music goes straight to the processor.

The processor passes these signals to a transmitter, like a small coil, worn on the side of the head above the ear and held in place with a magnet, that sends the signals by radio waves to a receiver in the skull.

This in turn sends the signals to an electrode planted in the cochlea that does the work of the damaged hairs.

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